Jesus and My World

Part 1

Q1: What impacted you from the message on Sunday?

(Background notes on these verses: What Paul had in mind was the rights and privileges of a firstborn son, especially the son of a monarch who would inherit ruling sovereignty. Jesus did not come into existence when he was born of the virgin Mary. He was the agent of creation through whom God made heaven and earth. Jesus is not only the agent of creation but is also the goal of creation, for everything was created by him and for him, that is, for his honor and praise. Since Jesus is in this sense the goal of creation, he must be fully God.)

Q2: What is the difference between Jesus being first in your life and Jesus being the center of your life?

Because He is the image of God, He can be the source of your strength.

Q3: As a follower of Jesus, do you ever experience moments of weakness?

Q4: How have you found strength in Jesus in these times?

Because He’s the creator of the universe, He can hold your life together.

Q5: Do you ever feel like your life is out of control?

Q6: How have you seen Jesus holding things together in your life?

Because He is the head of the church, He can be your sustaining peace.

Q7: How does Jesus help you when you experience these things?

Q8: Do you agree with this model of what it means to live a Christ centered life? What do you agree or disagree with? (The image below may help describe this better.)

Q9: How do you know if Jesus is at the center of your life?

Q10: What person, place, or purpose are you currently BLESSing? (See BLESS Acronym below).


We want our journey groups to be a place where people can live on mission together and experience community. Here are a couple of ways a group can be on mission together:

One Mission: The entire small group commits to going after the same mission. This can be a new idea originating from the group, or it can involve plugging into an existing ministry or program in the community.

Multiple Missions: Each member of the group has a specific mission they are following God in.

The group provides a place to celebrate individual stories, wrestle through questions and challenges and provide support and encouragement.

Take some time to allow the people in your group to share who they are currently blessing. Celebrate individual stories and work through questions and challenges while providing support and encouragement. Review the acronym BLESS, then share your stories of who you are currently blessing.

B - Begin with prayer: We will pray for the people or place to which we are sent.

L - Listen: We will listen to the people or place to which we are sent.

E - Eat: We will share meals with those to whom we are sent.

S - Serve: We will respond to the needs we discover among those to whom we are sent.

S - Story: We will share the story of Jesus and what he is doing in our lives with those to whom we are sent.


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Jesus and My World

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